May 24 (Wed) 15:30-17:10

Session 2 :
  High Heat-Load Analysis and Components

Chair: S. Sharma (APS)

15:30-15:50    A Case Study of a High Heat Load Equipment at Australian Synchrotron
Hengzi Wang (Australian Synchrotron)
15:50-16:10    Reconsideration of Design Criteria for High-Heat-Load Components
Sunao Takahashi (SPring-8/JASRI)
16:10-16:30    Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction of Glidcop Al-15 Using Nonlinear FEA
Sushil Sharma (APS)
16:30-16:50    Thermal Fatigue Test of Glidcop with Undulators Power
Lin Zhang (ESRF)
16:50-17:10    Diamonds for 3rd and 4th Generation X-ray Sources
Pierre Van Vaerenbergh (ESRF)