May 25 (Thu) 15:30-16:50

Session 5 :
  Beam Stability and Vibration Control

Chair: J.-R. Chen (NSRRC)

May 25 (Thu)
15:30-15:50    Online Correlation of Data Quality and Beamline/Beam Instabilities
Trevor Mairs (ESRF)
15:50-16:10    Site Geothecnical and Vibrational Characterization for the Design of the Foundations of the ALBA Project
Lluis Miralles (CELLS-ALBA)
16:10-16:30    Vibration Characteristic of Stable Support Stand Using Cordierite Ceramic
Yuji Otake (SPring-8/RIKEN)
16:30-16:50    Engineering strategy for the Nanofocusing End-Stations at the ESRF
Yves Dabin (ESRF)