May 26 (Fri) 9:00-10:20

Session 6 :
  Sample and Environment Control

Chair: L. Zhang (ESRF)

May 26 (Fri)
9:00-9:20    Developments for Automatic Sample Changing at the EMBL Hamburg Structural Biology Beamlines
Stefan Fiedler (EMBL)
9:20-9:40    How to Make a Pulsed Magnet Fail
Peter van der Linden (ESRF)
9:40-10:00    Long-Term High-Velocity Erosion of Glidcop in DI Water
Sushil Sharma (APS)
10:00-10:20    Numerical Simulation and Design of the Air Conditioning System for the 3GeV TPS Electron Storage Ring
Jui-Chi Chang (NSRRC)