Session 1 : Novel Design and Components for Accelerator and Beamline
May 24 (Wed) 10:50-12:30    Chair: D. Shu (APS)

   Title / Authors Abstract    Proceedings
   Mechanical Design Considerations for Taiwan Photon Source
June-Rong Chen (NSRRC)
   Sustainable Engineering for NSLS II
Edwin Haas (NSLS)
   Mechanical Analysis for Engineering designs in Diamond Light Source Project
Hou Huang (Diamond)
   Performance of the Australian Synchrotron Storage Ring Alignment System
Jonathan McKinlay (Australian Synchrotron)
   Design Consideration for Mechanically Stable Support, and Concrete Floor Grinding Machine "Yuka-to-Kensaku"
Tsumoru Shintake (SPring-8/RIKEN)

Session 2 : High Heat-Load Analysis and Components
May 24 (Wed) 15:30-17:10    Chair: S. Sharma (APS)

   Title / Authors Abstract    Proceedings
   A Case Study of a High Heat Load Equipment at Australian Synchrotron
Hengzi Wang (Australian Synchrotron)
   Reconsideration of Design Criteria for High-Heat-Load Components
Sunao Takahashi (SPring-8/JASRI)
   Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction of Glidcop Al-15 Using Nonlinear FEA
Sushil Sharma (APS)
   Thermal Fatigue Test of Glidcop with Undulators Power
Lin Zhang (ESRF)
   Diamonds for 3rd and 4th Generation X-ray Sources
Pierre Van Vaerenbergh (ESRF)

Session 3 : High Precision Positioning Mechanics
May 25 (Thu) 9:00-10:00    Chair: Y. Dabin (ESRF)

   Title / Authors Abstract    Proceedings
   Towards a 10nm Run-Out Rotation Axis
Fabio Comin (ESRF)

   The Analysis of Parasitic Movements on a High Precision Rotation Table
David Martin (ESRF)

   High Precision Positioning Mechanisms for a Hard X-ray Nanoprobe Instrument
Deming Shu (APS)

Session 4 : Optical Devices
May 25 (Thu)10:30-11:50    Chair: S. Goto (SPring-8/JASRI)

   Title / Authors Abstract    Proceedings
   Mechanical Design of an Ultra-High-Vacuum Compatible Compact Hard X-ray Monochromator with Artificial Channel-Cut Crystal Mechanism
Deming Shu (APS)
   ESRF KB Focusing Mirrors - Present and Future
Yves Dabin (ESRF)
   Development of K-B Mirror Manipulator for Hard X-ray Sub-50nm Focusing
Satoshi Matsuyama (Osaka Univ.)

   Fabrication and Performance of a Lithium Compound Refractive X-Ray Lenses
Ali Khounsary (APS)

Session 5 : Beam Stability and Vibration Control
May 25 (Thu) 15:30-16:50    Chair: J.-R. Chen (NSRRC)

   Title / Authors Abstract    Proceedings
   Online Correlation of Data Quality and Beamline/Beam Instabilities
Trevor Mairs (ESRF)
   Site Geothecnical and Vibrational Characterization for the Design of the Foundations of the ALBA Project
Lluis Miralles (CELLS-ALBA)
   Vibration Characteristic of Stable Support Stand Using Cordierite Ceramic
Yuji Otake (SPring-8/RIKEN)
   Engineering strategy for the Nanofocusing End-Stations at the ESRF
Yves Dabin (ESRF)

Session 6 : Sample and Environment Control
May 26 (Fri) 9:00-10:20    Chair: L. Zhang (ESRF)

   Title / Authors Abstract    Proceedings
   Developments for Automatic Sample Changing at the EMBL Hamburg Structural Biology Beamlines
Stefan Fiedler (EMBL)
   How to Make a Pulsed Magnet Fail
Peter van der Linden (ESRF)
   Long-Term High-Velocity Erosion of Glidcop in DI Water
Sushil Sharma (APS)
   Numerical Simulation and Design of the Air Conditioning System for the 3GeV TPS Electron Storage Ring
Jui-Chi Chang (NSRRC)