You will be able to obtain the proceedings from MEDSI2006 website after the workshop.

    1. Paper preparation

      Papers should be prepared in both PDF & WORD files and a hard copy.

      Download following files and use it as template for your manuscript. You can find the detailed instructions in the text.

    • Paper should be kept within 10 pages.
    • Total PDF file size should be within 10MB. Image quality of the figures and pictures should be adjusted to the size.

    2. Submission of proceedings

    • Submission Date for manuscripts of the proceedings: May 26, 2006 (during the workshop)
    • The proceedings submission desk will be open at the registration desk on Wednesday, May 24 from 12:30 until 11:00 on Friday, May 26.
      Please fill out the application form and submit the hard copy of your manuscripts to the registration desk.
      We will prepare the Windows XP machine with word 2003 and adobe reader 7.0. You can see the folders for Oral and Poster on the desktop.
      For oral presentation, please find the folder with your registration No.and your name in the Oral folder and save your PDF & WORD files intoit.
      For poster presentation, please find the folder with your poster No. and your name in the Poster folder and save your PDF & WORD files into it.

    3. Online reprints

      All participants can freely download proceedings in PDF file from MEDSI2006 website. The ID number will be given after the publication of proceedings.