History and Scope
The MEDSI workshop started at Swiss Light Source in 2000. The state of the art and outlook were presented on mechanical engineering design of equipments and instrumentation in third generation light sources. It was followed by the second workshop at Advanced Photon Source in 2002 and by the third one at European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in 2004. SPring-8 will host for fourth MEDSI workshop as a satellite meeting of SRI2006, covering the following scopes:
  • Novel designs of accelerator and beamline components
  • High precision positioning mechanisms
  • Vibration and mechanical stability
  • High heat load analysis and design
  • Opto-mechanical devices
  • Insertion devices, front ends and vacuum chambers
  • Modelling and experimental validation aspects

MEDSI 2004
    May 24-27, 2004
    ESRF, Grenoble, France
MEDSI 2004 program

MEDSI 2002
    September 5-6, 2002
    Argonne, Illinois USA
MEDSI 2002 program

MEDSI 2000
    July 13-14, 2000
    Paul Scherrer Institute, Cilligen PSI, Switzerland